yellow bikini

This tiny apartments only feasible wall for a kitchen had several limitations. At one end was the entrance to the bathroom and at the other on an adjacent wall was the entrance into the apartment. The entrance door was only 200mm off the proposed kitchen wall meaning cabinetry could not run the entire length but start at least 1000mm in leaving only 2400mm of useable space.
Backing onto part of the kitchen wall was the utility room which gave me the opportunity to recess some cabinetry and therefore utilising the full length. I also got the plumber to set up the trap for the sink in the utility room which gave me the ability to reduce the base cabinet heights to an absolute minimum.
The client brief was simple, sharp, bold and yellow. The kitchen and apartment is definitely for a single occupant so storage and appliances are minimal. In fact the oven has been replaced with the new Panasonic convection/microwave steam oven which I also recessed into the utility room and open vented allowing for it to be contained in the appliance garage.
The impact of the yellow lacquer is contrasted with black and yellow of the Madagascar timber veneer. White acrylic tops and over cupboard doors sharpen up the design. The kitchen is the feature of the apartment and looks and works as intended.