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 Traditional Kitchen

The clients had a very large U-shaped kitchen that boasted a lot of bench space but massive distances between them made a lot of them unusable. They had always wanted a traditional kitchen that would create a theme for their imported period furniture.
I managed to enlighten them to the fact that big is not always better and reduced the kitchen floor space to nearly half of the original kitchen. The large central Island accommodated the request for children and friends to gather without interfering. It also gave them the large clear bench space that had been taken away.
During the interviewing process, I stood in the cat feeding bowls located in the middle of the kitchen. I wanted this area to be housed out of the foot traffic and beneath the microwave on the island worked perfectly.
Side by side double ovens were the central focal point of the traditional symmetrical design. The hob was shouldered by a spice drawer and oils cupboard whereas on the opposite sides the drawer and door pattern was repeated but hid an appliance garage accessed from the side.
Acrylic was used as the main benchtop to eliminate joins and provide a friendlier surface to work on. The Island featured the personally selected granite slab supported by large turned legs. A paint finish was agreed on as the timber species throughout the house furniture varied greatly.
Still a big kitchen but now very workable.