Wardrobe 1.jpg

 The ultimate wardrobe

Our client wanted a room that did not replicate the standard walk-in wardrobe that often feels chaotic and cramped.

The room was to provide an environment that beautifully concealed the extensive wardrobe but also was a place to relax and enjoy the dressing process.

Bespoke circular detail to the large mirrors softens their appearance and creates an intimate luxurious room.

Extensive hanging areas behind sliding doors and pull-down hangers for easy access to clothes.

A dedicated cubbyhole area for shoes, allows for each (gorgeous) pair of shoes to be individually displayed, with a downlight over each pair.

Lockable drawers that are compartmentalized met our client’s brief for an area of secure but organised jewellery storage.

A central island with additional drawers gives a landing zone for clothes.

Lighting over the mirrored cabinetry adds practical dressing illumination. All internal drawers and cupboards have sensor activated LEDs providing instant and direct lighting in the area required without flooding the room with brightness. In addition a chandelier sits over the island providing accent lighting and is often left on as a night light. The recessed lights in the ceiling are sensor activated but can be turned off if bright light is not required.

Shutters cover all external windows.

This is an innovated and luxurious space which has storage capacity enviable to the most high end designer stores. It is the ultimate “woman cave”.