Our Design Process

Initial Consultancy

An appointment will be made for our designer to visit you in your home.
It is not important if this is not the home that the kitchen is being designed for, but it is important for the designer to view what you currently work with, how you cook, what you store and what your interior tastes are. We will discuss function, ergonomics, spatial design, appliances, timeframes and budget expectations. A design brief will be developed from this interview.
If it’s a renovation, basic measurements will be taken at this stage. If you are building a new house, we will require a copy of your plans.
Allow between 1 – 2 hours for this meeting. The initial appointment will be confirmed via email along with a design contract stating our terms and conditions.

Concepts & Planning

Based on the room dimensions and your client brief we will prepare a series of conceptual floor plans. These are basic “birds eye” views of the kitchen layout.  There may be several different layouts for you to consider as it’s important at this early stage to ensure all possible design options are considered.  Together, we will then choose the most suitable layout. This can be done via email and PDFs or personal visits depending on your timing.

Now the “mechanics” of the design has been established we then get creative and focus on the overall look and style of the kitchen. It’s great to have your magazine cut-outs, Pinterest and website links at this stage.  Products and materials for cabinetry, benchtops and accessories will be sourced and offered for discussion.  This selection could be governed by your budget, established earlier in the design brief.

We are happy to work with your interior designer at this stage to ensure colour continuity throughout the home, otherwise we can provide a colour consultation service for the kitchen.

We then take the concept floor plan and add more detail, and generate the wall elevations and finally the 3D images.  These will give you almost photo-realistic images of your proposed kitchen. A specification sheet detailing products, colours and hardware will also be supplied

These plans are not working drawings, but there will be overall measurements and they are drawn to scale. A final site measure will still be required by the cabinetmaker.

On payment of the final design fee the plans will become your property and can be released to third parties as you see fit.


Designmarked can offer a manufacturing service through Beaver Kitchens based in Whakatane. Beaver Kitchens has been established for over 25 years providing award winning kitchens throughout the North Island.  We will organise a quotation from Beaver Kitchens and should you accept it Designmarked will coordinate the project free of charge.

If you would prefer to use an alternative cabinet making company then Designmarked offers a co-ordination service, please see our fee structure.