Marble and Oak

The architects plans showed the generic scullery and Island design. The clients were confused as to how they were going to use the scullery given they had just spent a small fortune for an elevated section with impressive view. They of course wanted to appreciate these views and not be stuck in a windowless box.

The clients were the two extremes in heights with the primary user very short. The backbench was dropped to 830mm as she was a passionate baker and this gives her the perfect height. All the small appliances and baking goods were concealed behind 2 large sliding splash backs.

He was the entertainer so a cooldrawer and an abundance of higher cupboards for his specialty needs sorted him out.

I wanted to enhance the length of this kitchen so I designed a back wall of horizontal oak slats with a negative detail between each. Long over cupboards and drawers accentuated this length. I concealed the fridge behind a return nib wall, still very accessible but completely out of the main view.

The oak slates continued onto the Island that was 950 high to allow him to wash the dishes without backache. Behind the oak slates I put a vinyl print of a veined marble. This was back lite and seen through the negative detail. The sliding doors also had the marble vinyl behind glass.