Funky & Beachy

The kitchen was required for a modern beach house renovation on a very tight budget. The client wanted something “funky and beachy”. It had to be versatile enough to deal with the large numbers that often camped on the back lawn and also efficient for the owner to cook for herself.
Plywood was selected as the main ingredient as she had existing furniture that followed that theme. We also decided to incorporate a mobile dining table that integrated into the kitchen to double the bench space when required. A cut out was designed into the main bench to house the table which also positioning it against the built in bench seat.
HPL laminate had to be used to fit the budget so we quirked this up by showing a 60mm thick plywood edge. Scalloped out handles in the plywood faces and exposed plywood edging fitted the brief. We also integrated the bench top into the crockery/appliance door to show a point of interest.
Pigeon hole boxes featured on the back wall, hiding the range hood and providing the open shelving for the beach combing treasures. A ¾ high sliding door pantry at 300mm deep provide the storage but also added to the staggered heights set by the pigeon hole boxes.
An amazing little kitchen admired by all.