1950’s Kiwi Kitchen

The kitchen space was small but the bach was used mainly during the summer months and there was a large outdoor dining and BBQ area being developed as part of the renovation. The kitchen needed to combine a small dining table for those few occasions when the outdoor area wasn’t in use. Essentially it needed to set the “Kiwi bach theme” and provide adequate cooking facilities for non-BBQ meals. Floor to ceiling windows were replaced with a large sliding door to gain direct access to the outdoor dining and I moved the north facing window to the right to create the wall area for the new design. I had previously designed 1950’s furniture for the bach with shark fin edged tops in Oak, this provided the starting point for the design. I wanted the north wall cabinets to look like a piece of furniture so I used Acrylic with shark fin edges to frame oak faces and this stood on 300mm turned oak legs. The tall units integrated into new nib walls and bulkhead. The use of shadow board as the faces for the fridge and pantry sold the iconic Kiwi bach theme. The racked cupboard has reeded glass and also boasts the must have chrome pipe through rounded shelving.